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CDC FINALLY Admits to Flu-Shot Failure

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The CDC has just issued one of its most startling confessions ever: The flu shot DOESN’T WORK.

The agency says this year’s dominant strain has mutated to evade the vaccine they’ve been pushing on everyone all season long. More than half the viruses tested by the CDC are strains NOT covered by the shot.

Many of them are a version of the H3N2 strain, which has proven to be deadlier than most in the past.

That’s right, the vaccine is LESS effective, and the flu is MORE deadly.

If you’re tempted to call that the most incompetent and ineffective approach to public health ever, I’ve got news for you.

The CDC isn’t done yet.

They’ve cooked up two pieces of advice, and one’s worse than the other.

First, they’re urging all Americans to get flu shots anyway. Yes, it doesn’t work… but go ahead and roll up your sleeve.

And second, they’re urging Americans to make sure they rush out and get Tamiflu the moment they get sick.

You read that right. Tamiflu — the very drug that’s repeatedly proven to do zip against flu. It’s so futile that a major analysis of 46 studies finds that, at best, Tamiflu will cut a 7-day battle with the flu down to 6.3 days.

And that’s assuming you can even trust those studies — because Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, has been caught red-handed hiding data on this drug.

For all we know, the real numbers might be even worse.

So we have a vaccine that won’t prevent the disease, and a drug proven not to cure it — and the CDC is urging you to take both.

Whatever happened to evidence-based medicine?

Trust the government with your health?

Many drugs just do nothing and even have side effects.

Over and over again, the government has approved drugs with horrible side effects even death.

Trusting the government with your loved ones health is like playing russian roulette.



The facts no one wants to read.

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December 13, 2014 at 2:27 am

Public Restroom Bacteria Spreader

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Most of us happily use jet air hand dryers, convinced they are the best way to get our hands dry without having to worry about those gross germs lurking on every surface in a public bathroom.

Turns out nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, every single time you press the button on one of those things it’s like shooting germs out of a cannon.

Researchers at UK’s University of Leeds tested bacterial contamination with the use of paper towels, warm air dryers, and jet air dryers. To get a bacteria reading, researchers covered volunteers’ hands with a bacteria called lactobacilli (don’t worry — it’s not harmful).

And once they hit the “on” button, that bacteria was flying everywhere, being breathed in by everyone within a few feet. And this is healthy bacteria, mind you — imagine what these hand dryers are doing with the nasty waste that’s REALLY on your hands.

Bacterial counts were nearly five times higher with the jet dryer compared to the warm air dryer. But the real winner was the humble paper towel. Jet drying bacteria counts were a staggering 27 times higher than drying your hands the old-fashioned way.

The solution here is simple. Wash your hands with plain old soap and warm water. And skip those high-tech hand dryers and towel dry them instead.

Your health is being sacrificed to save a few dollars.



The facts no one wants to read.

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December 11, 2014 at 11:55 pm

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Doctors Telling u-bam-aCare Patients to Take a Hike

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There are no doctors accepting u-bam-aCare.

Results from various surveys:

–  individual called 30 doctors; none would take his plan

–  53% of those surveyed are going to cancel their plan as soon as they can

–  people are paying high premiums for plans they cannot use

Another government failure;  higher premiums but no health care.

Thank you, dummy u-bam-a.

This is the wave coming at you;  less health care, higher prices.

The government is NOT going to solve the health care crisis.

You better get involved or



The facts no one wants to read.

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November 30, 2014 at 11:50 pm


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If you’re taking the blood thinner Pradaxa to treat your atrial fibrillation:


According to a new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, Pradaxa significantly increases your risk for MAJOR (and potentially fatal) bleeding — especially of the digestive tract.

When researchers compared Pradaxa to warfarin — a generic blood thinner that’s been used for decades — they found Pradaxa “…was consistently associated with an increased risk of major bleeding and gastrointestinal hemorrhage.”

Not a little leak here and there — major bleeding.



The facts no one wants to read.

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November 13, 2014 at 10:13 pm

Ebola Protection

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Since the government will not do what is necessary to protect you from Ebola, this is being provided:



Ebola checklist: 5 steps you can take TODAY
Prepared by the Health Sciences Institute

Each day the Ebola news gets worse. The number of infections is rising. Our hospitals are not ready for the challenge.

It’s clear our government doesn’t have a clue how to keep you and your family safe. That’s why the Health Sciences Institute has developed this essential list of five simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to stay safe from Ebola.

Step #1: Avoid commercial travel: Dozens of travelers from Ebola-ravaged regions are arriving at American airports each day. Remember that even common sense precautions like surgical masks will not fully protect you from the Ebola virus.

Step #2: Prepare your immune system: Some of the best supplements for this purpose include probiotics, echinacea, olive leaf extract, sambucus (also called elderberry), zinc and vitamin C.

For vitamin C, use the “bowel tolerance” test — take as much (start with 5,000-8,000 mg.) that your bowels will tolerate. For probiotics, look for labels that specifically indicate live, living, or active cultures.

Step #3: Try to stay out of the hospital: Avoid risky situations that could land you in the ER. A recent survey of nurses found that 80 percent had received no Ebola training, which puts ALL hospital patients at risk.

Step #4: Start taking silver NOW: Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to treat infections, and it may fight Ebola the same way it’s been shown to stop similar viruses. Colloidal silver is well known for its ability to kill microbes and even antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Starting a silver regimen now will give you an upper hand if you should contract Ebola or any other virus. Colloidal silver can be found online, in big drug store chains and stores like GNC.

Step #5: Track down these promising treatments in your market: Some of the most effective Ebola treatments are not available at every doctor’s office or hospital — but you’ll likely find them within driving distance. They include:
Hydrogen peroxide therapy: Intravenous hydrogen peroxide has already been highly effective against similar hemorrhagic diseases such as dengue hemorrhagic fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Omsk hemorrhagic fever and more.
Intravenous vitamin C: IVC is specifically designed to stop bacterial and viral infections. Dr. Robert Cathcart, an IVC pioneer, recommends “at least” 180 grams of IVC every 24 hours to control symptoms and bring down fevers.
Ozone: Ozone therapy has been used for more than a century for hard-to-treat illnesses ranging from infectious diseases to diabetes. The oxygen produced by ozone therapy helps neutralize viruses and build your immune system.

Finding hydrogen peroxide, IVC and ozone treatments locally can be a challenge. The American College for Advancement in Medicine can help you find an alternative health provider who can point you in the right direction.

Also ask your doctor to write a note requesting hydrogen peroxide, IVC and ozone be used as a front-line treatment if you get sick.

Stop waiting for our government to protect you from Ebola — it’s time to take action to keep yourself and your family safe.


China has a very good Ebola Protection Plan in place.

Why does the United States government fail in this?

Individuals now in quarantine in Connecticut.

Ebola is spreading.

Look up on the internet to see what ebola does to people.

Do you want this to happen to a family member?

Protect your family as the government cannot.



The facts no one wants to read.

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October 23, 2014 at 8:06 pm


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EBOLA is extremely dangerous.

The United States government is not taking it seriously.

The politicians, especially u-bam-a are putting YOUR family at risk and do not care.



5 Ebola LIES our government is telling you

The biggest threat to American health isn’t Ebola — it’s the people who are supposed to keep you safe from Ebola.

Because Ebola is oozing, bleeding proof that Uncle Sam’s incompetence is putting folks like you at risk. And while our politicians scramble to cover their backsides (and keep you in line) they are spreading five dangerous lies about this disease.

Today I’m pulling back the curtain — and showing you how to stay safe.

Lie #1: A travel ban won’t work. A Liberian man practically hand delivered Ebola to America on a commercial airline — and Obama STILL insists a travel ban won’t keep you safe.

Well, Obama is a politician, not a mathematician. Because a new statistical model from a Northeastern University physicist has PROVEN that a travel ban would slash America’s Ebola risk by 66% — nearly overnight!

Lie #2: Our hospitals are ready for Ebola. Remember that “preparedness” song and dance the CDC was selling weeks ago? In a recent survey, four out of five American nurses say they’ve received NO EBOLA TRAINING WHATSOEVER!

Now two nurses who treated an Ebola patient in Dallas have contracted the disease. That’s a giant, Vegas-style marquee that an effective treatment protocol does not exist. That’s criminal, because Heaven knows where the next Ebola patient will turn up.

Lie #3: The Ebola virus is being contained. If you watch the news, you know this is a load of bull. One of the Dallas Ebola nurses actually boarded a packed airplane — with a fever!

Uncle Sam says the airplane passengers aren’t at risk — so why is he burning up phone lines trying to track down every last one of them?

Lie #4: You won’t catch Ebola because it’s difficult to transmit. Well, thousands of dying Africans would disagree. In fact, according to a report just published by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Ebola can become airborne!

That’s because when your body expels fluids, it creates aerosols that can stay breathable for hours. In one study, one group of monkeys passed Ebola to another even though their cages were feet away!

Lie #5: We’re working on a cure for Ebola. The fact is the U.S. government, Big Pharma and mainstream medicine have spent DECADES suppressing safe, natural cures that have the potential to destroy nearly all viruses — including Ebola!

Just look at intravenous vitamin C (IVC), which has been used to kill viruses remarkably similar to Ebola, like Dengue hemorrhagic fever and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Why isn’t our government testing these proven treatments, instead of bankrolling billion-dollar drugs that may NEVER work?

Find out where you can get IVC where you live, because we haven’t seen the last case of Ebola in the United States. Prepare to protect yourself, until our politicians deliver a REAL plan to keep Ebola out of America.

Or at least until they start telling the truth.



Another example of the politicians/government not doing their job.



The facts no one wants to read.

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October 17, 2014 at 9:36 pm

HEALTH ALERT — Enterovirus D68

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Enterovirus D68 is spreading like a brushfire. From Kansas to Colorado, kids are developing symptoms that start out like flu — and the next thing you know, they’re strapped to ventilators and fighting limb paralysis that looks an awful lot like polio.

And your government STILL claims it doesn’t have a clue why our kids are getting sick.

But there may be more to the enterovirus epidemic than garden-variety government incompetence. In fact, a growing list of health experts claim Uncle Sam may be intentionally keeping you in the dark about this health terror.

And it’s all because u-bam-a and cronies don’t want you to know that their boneheaded, politically correct policies may have unleashed this health scourge on America’s kids.

Dr. Jane Orient, the head of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, recently claimed that the government is being unusually tight-lipped about enterovirus. And the reason may be because our government goons don’t want to admit that illegal immigrant kids are spreading the disease.

Meanwhile, these same government officials are enrolling illegal immigrant kids — some of them incredibly sick and in desperate need of medical care — in public schools.


Do whatever it takes to protect YOUR family.



The facts no one wants to read.

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October 12, 2014 at 10:23 pm


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