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#HealthAlert — Filthy Foreign Drugs

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Filthy foreign drugs flunked quality tests, were shipped anyway

— and our government is moving heaven and earth to keep you from knowing about it.

A plant in India that makes generic drugs sold right here in the United States has been caught red-handed cooking the books after repeatedly failing quality inspections.

The company, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, can’t ship their meds until they pass a quality check. So whenever a batch of drugs flunked a test for impurities, they didn’t toss the medicine in the trash like they’re supposed to.

Instead, they erased the results and kept testing subsequent batches until they got the results they wanted. Then they shipped everything — including the failed, tainted batches — out to YOU.

The FDA recently found that Sun Pharmaceutical messed with test results more than 5,300 times at one plant. And they caught other companies doing it at a dozen other plants around India.

If you’re like us, your blood’s boiling already. So we want you to pause and take a deep breath before you read the next part — because this worst is yet to come.

Ready for it? Are you sure?

The FDA knows exactly which test results got wiped and which drugs and ingredients were affected — they know, but they’re keeping it a SECRET.

Some of those companies were later banned from sending drugs to the U.S., but the stuff that’s already here was never recalled, and you and your doctor were never told.

Yes, friend, your “globalization-friendly” government in Washington would rather protect the profits of a foreign firm than protect your health.

This is guaranteed to happen again. The FDA has about a dozen people keeping watch over 600 plants in India, which is like hiring a dozen people to count snowflakes in Alaska — except India is twice the size.

We are buying drugs made in the United States.

Not saying these drugs are same.

But foreign made drugs are a SERIOUS danger to YOUR family’s health.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

January 2, 2015 at 6:39 pm

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