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Organic Food

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Yes, organic foods are much more healthy than non-organic.


And there are a lot of them.

The Department of Agriculture(USDA) has

—  minimal standards for organic foods

—  loose and lax regulations

—  does minimal inspections and enforcement

Most organic foods come from the giant food manufacturers.  Their food products meet the USDA standards for organic but are not truly organic.

Large quantities of organic fruits and vegetables come from other countries.  Are they really organic?  Who knows?  Certainly not the USDA.

Organic, just like other food labels, is another marketing tool; a tool used to get consumers to pay higher prices for food.  More profits.

Once again, the government has sacrificed your health for their own benefit.

Organic standards need to be much more higher and strict with stringent enforcement and stiff penalties(CEO goes to prison).  Foreign food producers should be held to the same standards with regular inspections by American USDA personnel.

Organic food must never contain any GMO food or ingredient.

Consumers should

—  carefully read labels on all food products

—  buy locally whenever possible

—  form local groups to send visitors to local farms/ranches

—  take responsibility for the quality of food they buy

With high quality standards, organic food is much healthier.

It would also improve the environment.





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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


Written by solutions777

October 10, 2018 at 7:39 pm

#HealthAlert — Sneaky New GMO Label

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The USDA just released a smiley-face sun logo to go on GMO’s — KILLER FOODS.  Food companies don’t even have to use the term “GMO”.  Now they can call these foods “bioengineered.”

They are hoping you will not notice these happy-looking logos are really a GMO label.

The USDA is part of Big Agra’s public relations campaign for GMO’s. They want to make you think GMO’s are healthy, natural and fun.  The GMO logo should look more like a skull and crossbones.

This is a more realistic label for the USDA’s GMO KILLER FOODS.


GMO foods have never been proven safe. In fact, they are toxic(poisonous).

Pesticide companies developed GMOs by altering DNA in plants so they can handle massive levels of their toxins. Now farms are pretty much forced to drench plants with more and more of these deadly chemicals.

GMO corn can have 18 times the EPA’s safe limit for glyphosate, the active herbicide in Monsanto’s Roundup.

Studies show up to 70% of animals fed GMO corn with Roundup died much earlier than other animals. They also developed 2 to 3 times more large tumors.

And the World Health Organization says glyphosate is carcinogenic to humans.

Your body doesn’t recognize GMOs as food.

It thinks they are foreign invaders — and they are. The body launches an inflammatory response that causes hives, rashes, swelling, headaches, and digestive problems.

Human studies show GMO apples cause allergies.   Other research proves GMO soy and corn cause stomach inflammation and fertility problems. It could also cause depression, fatigue, infections, brain fog and nausea.

People did not evolve to eat GMOs — they evolved to eat natural unprocessed foods.

More than 80% of your food supply contains GMO’s. Most corn, soy, sugar beets and Canola crops grown in the U.S. are GMO.

Government is supposed to protect citizens; not be an accessory to murder.

And that is exactly what is happening.  Big agricultural companies are deliberately feeding you highly dangerous substances.

Hopefully, your last thoughts on earth will not be:  should have avoided those GMO(KILLER) foods.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

#HealthAlert — GMO Salmon

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The FDA has just approved genetically modified salmon.

It was bad enough that GMO crops were approved.

Now they have approved cancer and disease causing fish.

Also these fish are going to be raised in the US.

Almost no other nation will allow either the raising or use as food of GMO salmon.

The government continues to do  everything it can to kill you.

There is only one way to make sure that this sea monster does not flop onto to your table: Buy only salmon that has been caught in the wild and not raised on a fish farm. That can include fresh, frozen, and canned red and pink varieties as well.

Your food supply is dangerously tainted.

The government does not just do nothing; it does its best to allow killer foods to be produced and sold.

It is the same whether it is a Democratic or Republican administration.

Corruption and incompetence.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

Written by solutions777

May 30, 2018 at 8:03 pm

#HealthAlert — Killer Corn

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By now our readers should know about the dangers of GMO foods.

But it is even worse.

Now Big Agriculture has stepped up its attacks on your health.

Killer corn.

According to the USDA, 93% of the corn crops planted in the U.S. contained GMOs in 2014.

And most of the corn is now consumed by Americans. In fact, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley carbon tested strands of hair. The shocking results revealed that the average American is made up of 69% corn.

Killer corn targets your prostate.

It can cause everything from prostate enlargement to prostate cancer.

An enlarged prostate is often a stepping stone to a more serious problem.

According to a published by the University of California at San Francisco’s Department of Urology, diets high in GMO corn increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer 40 to almost 90%.

Your diet is rife with GMO corn.  Crop conglomerates hide it in thousands of processed foods.

Take, for instance, high-fructose corn syrup…

This poisonous corn sweetener has wormed its way into every corner of your pantry. It is not just in your soft drinks and snack foods… where you would expect to find it. But it is also in ketchup and mustard, breads and cereals, relishes and crackers, hot dogs and hams. No wonder the average American consumes 60 pounds of HFCS every year.

You will also find GMO corn in countless processed foods under these names:
Corn alcohol… corn extract… corn flour… corn gluten… cornmeal… cornstarch… corn sugar… vegetable oil… just to name a few.

It is everywhere.

And the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration swear GMO corn is safe to eat.

The very agencies that should be protecting you.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

#HealthAlert — China Has Created GMO Pigs

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It is not enough for China to  export contaminated food to The United States.

Now, they have created genetically engineered pigs.

Designed and manufactured death.

For export to Americans.

GMO food causes cancer and other diseases.

The United States needs strict quality controls on all imported food and food products.

They do NOT exist.

Politics is more important than your health.

More and more your health is at risk due to government incompetence and corruption.

The only solution is to take responsibility for your health.

Know about your food:

—  where it came from

—  what is in it

—  how was it grown or raised

Do not buy food from China.

Sure death.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

Written by solutions777

December 29, 2017 at 5:30 pm

#HealthAlert — More GMO’s in Your Food

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More and more food manufacturers/processors are using GMO ingredients in their products.

GMO are genetically modified organisms; organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques; test tube creations.

GMO foods cause cancer.

Food companies, medical profession, scientists and other mainstream criminals deny this emphatically.

And how many times have these same mainstream criminal been wrong?

The list goes on forever.

What if this happens?

—  your 10 year old daughter eats GMO food

—  20 years later her daughter is born

—  your granddaughter is diagnosed with cancer when she is 4 years old

— how did this happen?

—  from the GMO food her mother ate 20 years ago

You do not have to believe this.

But what if it is true?

Do you want to take even the smallest chance with your grandchildren’s lives?

Here is what to do:

—  read the labels of all processes foods very carefully before buying

—  this means everything except raw meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables

—  if the package has GMO, partially produced with genetic engineering, or anything similar;  DO NOT BUY IT

—  tell everybody you know, especially your family to do the same

Why should people get sick so the mainstream can amass money and power?

Your choice.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

FDA Allows Poison in Food

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Do you love the taste of paint?

Why do you eat paint?

We do not eat paint.

Well every time you eat bottled Ranch or Blue cheese dressing — not to mention skim milk, mayonnaise or breath mints — you might as well be slurping up paint.

Consider this: Food manufacturers add a dangerous compound called titanium dioxide to a lot of your favorite foods. They do it to whiten and brighten them. It makes them look more appealing.

But titanium dioxide is the same chemical that’s in paint, plastics and sunscreen. NASA even coated the outside of its Saturn V rocket with it!

The FDA allows food products to contain 1% titanium dioxide (TiO2) without it having to be included on the ingredient label.1 These particles are called nanoparticles. They’re very tiny.

And you’re probably ingesting up to a trillion particles a day.

Most researchers say a small amount of TiO2 doesn’t pose a health problem.

But here’s what they didn’t take into account…

Most of the research was done on particles that were inhaled, not swallowed. And swallowing titanium dioxide makes all the difference to your health…

New research shows that TiO2 particles can damage your intestines when eaten. And about 90% of food absorption occurs in your intestines.

That makes it much harder for your body to absorb nutrients like zinc, iron and fatty acids.

Once again, the FDA has let food manufacturer put poison in your food.

Anything goes:

—  GMO foods causing cancer

—  contaminated food, especially meat

—  any substance food manufacturers and/or processors want to feed you

Over and over again, it is shown the FDA is irresponsible.

Many death certificates should read:  “Murdered by the FDA”.

And people do nothing but eat the garbage.

No surprise.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

Written by solutions777

March 14, 2017 at 11:31 pm